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Berliner Entwicklungspolitischer Ratschlag (BER)
SONED e.V. Southern Networks for Environment and Development
11.11.2019 20:00 - 23:30
Kreutzigerstr. 19, 10247 Berlin

Küfa, Talk and Music on the way of the emigrant

Welcome to SONED’s Küfa, every monday we rescue food from being dumped and organize a sustainable bio-vegan world cuisine. For dessert we serve you current topics of political development worldwide.

For this 11.11, Küfa, talk and music in the way of the emigrant with Selektor Bony, born in Mexico City and has now spent almost half his life on the European continent.

His first station was Sevilla, Spain where he started to work in the music scene and where he lived for over ten years. He took advantage of his experience in organization of concerts in Mexico and founded the collective Reggae Vibes. As a DJ and promoter he worked with artist such as Zion Train, Dub Pistols, Vibronics, Macka B, etc. and was invited to several clubs and festivals around Europe like Outlook Festival in Croatia or Fusion Festival.

In 2014 Selektor Bony came to Berlin and for this 11.11.19 Küfa he will show us his music along with a talk around social struggles in south and central america and how the cumbia is a representative sound of this cultural resistance.

Selektor Bony and CUMBIA FEST BERLIN
represents Latin American sound culture in Berlin. Musical tradition meets the rhythms of city life. A colorful space under a grey sky where time stands still for one night.
At the moment there are two editions of CUMBIA FEST every year.
One, celebrating the Day of the Dead ”El Día de los Muertos” at the beginning of November. This special day, celebrated in Mexico and other countries in Latin America, combines ancient indigenous traditions and modern spirit. An inspiring encounter between life and death, dancing longside friends and family of present and past!
The other edition takes place during the Carnival of Cultures “Karneval der Kulturen” in the second half of may or beginning of June, which is an important event in Berlin and represents an open and multicultural society.


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