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Berliner Entwicklungspolitischer Ratschlag (BER)
SONED e.V. Southern Networks for Environment and Development
28.10.2019 20:00 - 23:00
Kreutzigerstr. 19, 10247 Berlin

Kuefa-Camp: Circles, a new way to think about mone

Welcome to SONED's Küfa, every monday we rescue food from being dumped and organize a sustainable bio-vegan world cuisine. For dessert we serve you current topics of political development worldwide.

CIRCLES, a Decentralized Basic Income, Hosted by: Ed Murphy
Circles is a grassroots, non-hierarchical, people-centered project to create an open economic ecosystem, the foundation of which is the radical idea that everyone should receive a basic income - no matter who and what they are and do.
Using blockchain technology, Circles is an open source system of mutual currencies, based on relationships of trust which forms the basis of a platform to pay out a universal basic income, strengthening community relations and resilience against extractive corporate capitalist exploitation.

Circles is incorporated as a Cooperative (LCA) in Colorado with its sister company, the Basic Income Lab GmbH in Germany. The Circles team is made up of people from all over the world paid the same wage for the same hours. We aim to organise Circles governance the way we organise ourselves, which is consensus-based and radically democratic.
We are launching a test version of the Circles app in spring and opening our first community space, Café Grundeinkommen in Berlin. We currently need more people and resources to make our vision a reality, create communities, and make Circles sustainable.


Southern Networks for Environment and Development
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