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März 2022

07Mär(Mär 7)9:3011(Mär 11)15:00SLE Training - LIVE ONLINE COURSE: Disaster Risk Management and Climate Change Adaptation MainstreamingThe aim of the training course is to increase participants’ knowledge and skills on how to assess and to reduce disaster and climate risks for projects, plans, and policies. By the end of the training course, participants should be able to critically analyse risk scenarios and to develop and apply appropriate risk reduction measures. 9:30 - 15:00 (11) Veranstalter: Seminar für Ländliche Entwicklung (SLE) Themen:Klima und RessourcenFormat:Online-Seminar/Workshop



The specific objectives of the training course are therefore as follows:

  • To increase understanding of disaster and climate risk concepts and their context
  • To enhance awareness of risk assessment processes and tools for planned and existing projects, plans, and policies
  • To increase understanding of risk reduction and adaptation measures and integration into projects


Course Content:

  • Risk assessment and risk mapping
  • Means of disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness, and
    adaptation to climate change related to natural hazards, such as
    drought, landslide, flood and cyclone
  • The social, economic, environmental and political context of climate adaptation and disaster risk management programs
  • Different options of fostering resilience among vulnerable
    communities, sectors, and regions related to nature-related disasters
    and climate change
  • Ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR)
  • Mainstreaming DRR and adaptation in humanitarian aid and development cooperation
  • Organizational development with a focus on adaptation and DRR



7 (Montag) 9:30 - 11 (Freitag) 15:00




SLE Training

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